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Thoughts while Living Abroad: Body Positivity

Body Positivity By: Jasmin Anderson Thanks to Kaldi, an international food store popular in Japan, I sat down to a rather robust Tex-Mex meal last week. There were pork chops marinated in salsa verde and lime, slowly simmered black beans and chorizo, crispy corn tortillas, an avocado cream, and some way over-priced cilantro and some… Continue reading Thoughts while Living Abroad: Body Positivity

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On the edge of SUMMER

I came to the realisation even before starting this blog that I am the absolute worst at being consistent. I admit it. However, there are valid reasons why my blog post have been nonexistent as of late. These reasons: I am a student! This of course is the most important of them all. Trying to… Continue reading On the edge of SUMMER

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Gazing at the mirror examining my features I see a heritage that boast of a myriad of races. By: Nicole Bedford © 2013 In my mind’s eye I peer at the reflection of my ancestors and an echo marches through time. Who am I? I am a child of a continent that I have never… Continue reading Mirrors


Fear: Leaving and why it was so hard for me mentally and emotionally.

Written & Posted Originally: 5th September 2015 Have you ever wanted something with such ferocity that it literally frightened you beyond comprehension? Well that is pretty much how I felt the closer and closer it got to me leaving for France. Fear undiluted pumped through my veins every day before my departure date of August… Continue reading Fear: Leaving and why it was so hard for me mentally and emotionally.