10 Must Have Travel Accessories

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Planning to jet set this year across expansive continents and bustling cities? Well you’re going to need some travel swag to get you there and keep life simple while you see the world. In our daily lives we become so accustom to certain conveniences day to day; like constant WiFi, a charged phone battery, and just all around comforts. Though traveling is the only experience that makes you rich, it can be quite taxing and frustrating if you are not prepared. So to keep you organized, connected and comfortable while traveling I’ve compiled a list of the absolute must have travel accessories to make your life that much more simple while chasing wanderlust.

I will also be unveiling my new Travel Store with Amazon. I am now an Amazon Affiliate so this post will include affiliate links and all products discussed can be purchased in my Travel Store. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

1. Hand Luggage


No matter where your travels lead you it is imperative that you have a great piece of hand luggage with you at all times. Especially for carry on purposes on long haul flights, train and bus rides. Having a good piece of hand luggage enables you to have all of your electronics within reach of your fingertips. Pack your travel pillow, wallet, important documents, reading material, camera and even a spare change of clothes just in case your suitcase is misplaced. My favorite hand luggage right now a Foldable Carry-On Duffle Bag or a Beautiful Large Tote. In the store there are lots of options from overnight bags to the perfect vintage back pack and of course options for men as well.

2. Packing Cubes

packing cubes

Choosing what to pack for a trip can sometimes be a stress induced nightmare. A lot of times, if you’re like me you tend to over pack and then it doesn’t all fit in the suitcase you’ve chosen to make sure that you don’t over pack. In the past I use to be an advocate of vacuum sealed packing bags that would allow you to carry more and still have ample space in your suitcase. However this posed the same problem once I began my travels and started opening up all those bags trying to find the exact shirt or dress I was looking for. Packing Cubes to the rescue. These are my new favorite travel accessory for suitcases and packing. They come in 4-6 sizes depending on which bundle you choose and they help keep you organized. Now you can have one for your bras, one for underwear, one specifically for shirts and so on. Now you won’t have to wonder where everything is. My store has a few to choose from so happy shopping.

3. WIFI Hot Spot


Honestly I had no idea this was a thing until my travel savvy friend ShesoMajor wrote an in depth post about Sky Roam on her blog, you can read that post here. Of course while traveling we want to remain connected to everyone from back home, check in on Social Media, post those snap chats, upload on Instagram and face time BAE. Roaming internet charges can cost a grip trust me I learned the hard way, but now with companies like Sky Roam you can have WIFI where ever you roam.

4. Universal Travel Adapter


Never leave the country without one! This is a travel tool that is beyond necessary. Countries have different outlets, plug shapes and voltage. So you must have a universal travel adapter with you to make sure you can keep all your precious electronics charged and ready to go. My favorite is the Travel Inspira Universal All in One Worldwide Travel Power Plug Wall AC Adapter Charger with Dual USB Charging Ports it can be used for over 150 countries so you’re covered.

5. Camera


I am not a camera expert but I always say you can’t go wrong with a Nikon or Canon. It is definitely a travel essential to document all those amazing moments on your trip. Using the camera on your phone is great too of course which is what I’ve been doing for a while not but having a really nice camera can make all the difference. You can find the top selling cameras on my store here.

6. Microfiber Travel Towel


Another product I swear by. If you plan to not stay in 3-5 star hotels while traveling extensively then you must, I repeat you must make sure to purchase a microfiber travel towel. They are super thin so not to worry they won’t take up much space in your luggage and even better they are very absorbent and dry super quickly; so no need to worry about carrying around a wet towel.

7. Travel Neck Pillow


For all the long haul flights, bus rides, train commuting a travel pillow comes quite in handy to take those power naps comfortably. This is an item you should definitely keep in the hand luggage when moving from country to country or city to city. You can find a few options here in the shop.

 8. An E-Reader/Tablet


A library on the go while traveling is always a good idea. If you are like me a person that consumes books almost as much as humans consume food (maybe even more) then an e-reader/tablet is a must have while chasing wanderlust. Who says you can’t fulfill your reading list while traveling? Having an e-reader like Kindle Fire enables you to read on the go, surf the internet and have all your favorite Android apps at your fingertips. Board on that 8 hour flight? No worries, just pull out your Kindle and read a book or magazine. On my store you can find the full complement of Amazon Kindle products from devices, to accessories and of course the Kindle library.

9. Travel Wallet/Passport Holder


Travel in style with a passport holder/document travel wallet. They are quite convenient in keeping all your boarding passes, immigration forms and passport all in one place plus they look fashionable. For me a have a leather passport holder with my country’s emblem on the over but there are lots of options to choose from in this arena here in my shop.

10. Portable / Solar Charger


Finally to wrap things up you need a portable charger cube or better yet a solar powered portable charger to keep your electronics juiced up while on the go exploring your favorite cities. I cannot tell you how many times my phone died because of using social media apps like Snap Chat all day and just when I wanted to capture a moment my phone died. Avoid this by always having a portable charger. With solar options there is no charging necessary and the sun takes care of all of that. Portable versions however require you to charge them over night so don’ forget if you have this option. Find multiple options here.

Bonus Travel Accessory Must-Have


LugLoc Tracker: The luggage Locator

LugLoc Tracker makes your suitcase smart. The tracker lets you locate your belongings anywhere while traveling, through a friendly smartphone app. You simply pack device inside your bag and mobile app displays mapped location letting you know where your bag is in-real time.

That wraps up our top 10 travel accessory must haves. Don’t forget all the products discussed can be purchased in our Travel Store along with a lot of other Travel Accessories including luggage sets. Also you can click the link of any of the products mention above to purchase. If you have any other travel accessory suggestions let us know in the comments. What have you found to be the most helpful on your travels? Fire off in the comments!




10 thoughts on “10 Must Have Travel Accessories

  1. Excellent list! My packing cubes and universal adaptor are always ready to go in my luggage – I swear by both! I always have my fave portable chargers with me, too, but keep meaning to check into the solar powered ones. Thanks!


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