European City Passes


The Dilemma

So you’ve just booked your flight across the seas to Europe and your accommodations but now what? You’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. How are you going to navigate the streets of a country that doesn’t speak your language? How are you going to get around affordably like a local? How are you going to manage to see everything? Worst you’ve been researching all the museums, restaurants and attractions and feeling like there is no way you are going to fit everything you want to see in your budget. I have the perfect solution to all of these questions! What you need is a City Card!

The Solution

A City Card! That’s right a personal guide and all expense pass to the hottest European cities. Think of it as your Skeleton Key to unlock all the doors during your trip and cut down on time, hassle, queues (long lines) and money.

What exactly is a City Card?

A city card is your travel salvation and access pass to public transportation, museums, attractions, exhibits, nightlife and so much more! It gives you the convenience and peace of mind you need while navigating the most popular travel destinations across Europe. With over 35 cities in 21 countries across the European continent offering these Passes with hundreds of experiences and benefits you cannot go wrong.

What do you get with a City Card?

City Passes and Cards are becoming the best way to see your favorite cities. Most City Passes offer the following to their users:

  • Free Entry– A city card provides you with admission to the most noted attractions, museums and exhibits. Enabling you to pay one price for over 50 experiences. Saving you tons of Euros.
  • Extra Benefits– not only will you have free admission to great visitor attractions but most city cards also include offers and discounts at various shops, cafes and restaurants. Some even come with discounts on special Exhibitions and Cultural Events.
  • Priority Access– with a city card you can go straight to the front of the queue (the line), allowing you VIP access to busy attractions.
  • Choice of Card Lengths– visiting for a week or just a day?  Most city cards offer single and multi-day options so you can enjoy the city whatever way suits you.
  • Free guidebook and map– most city cards provide you with a free guidebook and city map, so you won’t have any problems finding your way around! Not to mentioned a guide on how to get to those notable and free attractions!
  • Free Public Transport– many city cards will also give you free use of public transport so you can get around with ease. Whether its bus, tramway or metro a city card can provide free access for 24 hours or more!

Where do you get them?

You can purchase city cards at or click below. They have city card listings for the following cities:

Most City Cards have instructions on locations around the city where you can pick your cards up. Most cards are activated when you use it on transportation the first time. Remember cards are time specific so if you purchase a 24-hour card it will be good until 24 hours later and so on.

City Cards I’ve Used


Personally I love the convenience and ease of the city card. You get so much for your money and now when planning my adventures I check to see if the city has a card available to satisfy my wanderlust needs.

In the past I have used the I Amsterdam City Card. Back in January of 2016 and I wrote about it in my post 5 Things I Heart about Amsterdam (check it out! You know you want to!). With that card you get so much bang for your buck. I love museums and of course going to a few can get a bit pricey. With the Amsterdam Card you get entrance to over 30 museums free and if there are special Exhibits you receive a discount. There were additional freebies too like a free Canal Cruise Tour, and for an added fee you have the option of visiting two cities in Holland for a day trip. Trams, Metro, and Buses were included as well and it was a life saver because again tickets for public transport can add up and it is the best way to navigate any large city.


One of the other Cards I used last year that is not listed here is the Milano Card during my trip October 2016 to Milan, Italy. The benefits were not as numerous as with the Amsterdam Card but again public transportation was included as well as some great discounts and it is considerably much cheaper than other City Passes.

Final Thoughts

Trust me when I say a City Card is a must have travel tool for modern travel around Europe. It really is worth it and saves you so much money and can help you plan your days out so much better. Definitely a travel hack that I recommend. You won’t suffer from buyer’s remorse I promise!



22 thoughts on “European City Passes

  1. A city pass sounds convenient when you’re traveling the streets of Europe. It’s important to research on it as well, just to make sure you’re getting the right one. This is very good information.


  2. I love that this is a thing! I haven’t had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling just yet, but I have major travel plans for later in my life, when I’m no longer a busy and overwhelmed single mom to two young girls. It’s nice to know that there’s something like this to look into – and that by the time I’m using it, it’ll maybe be an even bigger phenomenon.


  3. I loved my city card when I was lucky enough to travel. Saved a ton of money and you are right, there are some definite added benefits. Thank you for the reminder (as I am over here planning my next dream vacation).


  4. We have the multicity pass in the States. I haven’t tried them, but they look lke they are a great deal. I am dying to go back overseas. This is a great tip. Thank you.


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