Travel Europe by Coach


Why you should travel Europe by coach…

Traditionally traveling around the European continent from country to country has been done by train or plane. Some travelers opt for the comfort and convenience of travel tour companies like Contiki or Trafalgar to see multiple countries at once. However it can be a bit costly opting for any of these travel options.

Train tickets or even Eurail Passes can add up and end up taking a huge chunk out of your travel budget. Not to mention, train stations in foreign countries can be a bit confusing if you do not speak the language. I’ve discovered a more economical approach to satisfying my wanderlust across Europe using a combination of buses and car share options.

Not only are these bus companies cheaper than your average train or airline ticket, they come with some nice amenities that makes the journey easier. If you plan on taking a European Adventure consider booking your travel between countries and cities with my top picks for affordable country hopping by motor. This isn’t a sponsored post nor am I an affiliate of any of these companies just a satisfied customer willing to share the secret.


partage_facebook_ouibus_en_1With more than 1,000 line across Europe, Ouibus is usually my go to when I want an affordable way of getting where I need to be. One-Way tickets from Paris to Amsterdam, London and Brussels start from 13€. Book now at: Complimentary Amenities include: Free WiFi, Comfortable Seats, On-board bathroom and ticketless options. Download their App from your App store and make sure to travel with an ID.

Flixbus formerly Megabus


 Megabus in Europe has recently been acquired and absorbed by Flixbus. Megabus was great for its amazing first come first serve discount of 1€ for One-Way travel. Once I got lucky and booked Paris to Lyon for 1€. Flixbus continues to carry on the same discount, granted you subscribe to their Newsletter…and why not? The Flixbus network has over 100,000 daily connections to over 1,000 destinations across Europe! Amenities onboard include: Free WiFi, comfortable seats, ticketless check-in with their App. Book at:



 I traveled with Eurolines from London to Paris back in 2011 and was quite pleased with their service. I haven’t used them since but they have been around for a long time and offer great deals on destinations across Europe. They guarantee a 10% discount on round trip bookings. Booking your journey between 30 to 90 days prior to departure can make you save up to 60% on your ticket. They also offer 10% off for Youth under the age of 26 and discounts of up to 60% for children. A part from being a coach service they offer accommodation, travel insurance and ferry bookings. Amenities on board include a roomy comfortable coach, bathroom, modern coaches offer radio & a small tv and free WiFi. Book now at:



Isilines is a subsidiary of Eurolines is geared mainly towards travel around France. In the past I have traveled mainly around France by SNCF trains and tickets can be very expensive. Since living here for almost 2 years, I have learned to find cheaper alternative travel options like buses. If you are interested in exploring France Isilines is a really great place to start. They offer free WiFi on board, comfortable seats, electrical outlets and USB charging, and a second piece of luggage free! Book at:

Bla Bla Car

blablacarBlaBlaCar: This is a Carpooling Service that I swear by! Especially when you are in a country and you would like to travel to other cities within the country or just road trip country to country then this is the service for you. I have used BlaBlaCar countless of times while living in France for quick trips within my region and around France. Again it is an economical solution and you end up meeting some really interesting and outgoing people. How it works: It’s a Car Share so individuals that are traveling to a city or country post their travel plans on the site and you search and find one that matches your destination. You send them a message to request to join the car share and if they accept you then voila! You’re in! You pay online and once you arrive at the destination you give the driver the code sent to you by text. You can download their app online as well. Check them out at

Why travel by bus or car? Doesn’t it add hours to travel time?

Yes it adds a few hours of travel time but, you are able to take in the sights of the Continent, which you would not have seen from an airplane. Trains can be faster as well but would cost you a lot more in the long run. Traveling by bus or car share is more environmentally friendly and you can use the down time to read a book, catch up with friends back home to let them know how your trip is going, journal your adventures or catch up on some much needed down time. If you are looking to spend a significant amount of time in Europe and see multiple countries on a budget then these options are your best bet!


9 thoughts on “Travel Europe by Coach

  1. I used Flixbus from Paris to Brussels, and 3 days later from Brussels to Amsterdam. And I could’ve not made a better choice. Hours were convenient, I actually saved on hostels that night since I slept in the coach.

    Thanks for sharing the other lines!


  2. I’m planning a trip around Europe for 3 months and coach travel is only something I’ve recently considered. I’m looking for max flexibility and cheap options- I really don’t know why coach travel isn’t spoken about more! I can’t really see any downsides!


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