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On the edge of SUMMER

I came to the realisation even before starting this blog that I am the absolute worst at being consistent. I admit it. However, there are valid reasons why my blog post have been nonexistent as of late. These reasons:

  1. I am a student! This of course is the most important of them all. Trying to learn french as an adult is no easy task. Week after week I am subjected to 18 hours of french across 6 different classes and honestly at the end of each day it is a chore just to think in my “langue maternelle” (mother tongue).
  2.  I am LAZY! Let’s face it. Blogging takes fortitude, stamina and work ethic and quite frankly a lot of that has been lacking from me this winter into spring. Not that I had no material…I was thinking up all sorts of things to blog about and unpack to you but then the motivation just was not there. *sigh* I endeavor to do better in the future.
  3. I had/have Writer’s Block! This is true. I am often plagued with this disease and I have yet to find a suitable panacea. There were so many things that have happened since February. I’ve visited a lot of amazing places here in Bretagne, France but then I just didn’t know how to encapsulate it all in words. Whatever…this is my scapegoat!
  4. Do I even have an audience? Then I thought hmmmm….if I were able to really write down what happened and posted really cool pictures who would ready it? Is anyone even out there?

Now that I am about to finish the last week of school (going out in a blaze of final exams) I figured it was time to dust off the old fingers and write a little post. There are so many things that I want to share with you guys. This winter into spring was pretty amazing. I traveled around Bretagne (the region I live in France), went to some cool bars and restaurants, witness some weird social things with french people and had some odd experiences with men.

So I am making a pledge that beginning Monday, 23 May 2015 I will try *cough* to write 1-2 post a week. Related to my travels and experiences and lifestyle awesomeness. I plan to blog regularly straight into the end of June.

Summer Plans

This summer I will be working in France at an English Immersion Summer Camp for french kids called American Village. So nothing much exciting will be happening so there will be no blogging during July and August unless something awesome happens and I feel compelled to share. Don’t quote me on that though. What I can promise is some new material coming your way starting next week until June!

Stay tuned!



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