5 Things I heart in Amsterdam

This time last Sunday I was basking in the delights of Amsterdam. Enjoy my last few hours and squeezing in some sight-seeing before my departure the next day. On arrival I was shocked that I felt no familiarity with the city I had visited 10 years ago. Instead I was pleasantly surprise to discover that it was like falling in love all over again for the first time.

Amsterdam is a city taming with life. To say the city is metropolitan is an understatement and the amount of tourist from around the world walking the streets can put Paris to shame. The city has a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ about it.

I began writing a long drawn out post about my visit but decided to scratch it and keep it succinct. Here are my Top 5 things I loved about Amsterdam.

  1. Freedom to Enjoy Nature’s most treasured trees: Cannabis

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One simply does not go to Amsterdam without sampling the offerings at the many Coffee Shops. In 2006 I visited Amsterdam for the first time. I was 21 and it was the very first time I smoked weed or ingested baked goods made from weed. 10 years later and Amsterdam is still my favorite place to enjoy ganja. The freedom of knowing that you can smoke anywhere and everywhere is a heady thing all in itself. I loved the many varieties of plants, the accessibility of the Coffee Shops and the prices are affordable. It’s completely okay to be baked at any time of the day, however, proceed with caution when trying to navigate public transport. I got lost twice lol and though it was funny afterward…it freaked me out at the time.


  1. Food Food glorious Food!!!


Listen! Everywhere I went to eat the food was amazing! I’ve never been on a trip where I didn’t have one complaint about a restaurant or felt like I could have done a better job at preparing the meal. I was very impressed with the Asian Restaurant offerings. The Dutch Pancake I had at Pancakes Amsterdam was better than eating a French Gallette (and I do not say that lightly!) and everywhere the service was impeccable and on efficient!

  1. I amSTERDAM City Card


This is a magical card that allows you to have Free Admission to over 40 museums, transport on buses, trams, and the metro on the GBV lines, a free Canal Cruise (choice of 3 different companies), discounts at a few listed restaurants and so much more! I plan to write a detail review about it but I guarantee you it is invaluable if you are planning on spending a few days in this awesome city. I had the 48 hour card.

  1. Dutch People

So I live in France and the French come in so many forms. However, the Dutch seem to all just be really really nice. Everyone that works in the service industry are so hospitable, helpful and of course everyone speaks English! Sometimes it’s very daunting for me living in France and not being fluent in French and having to amble along with my awkward French/franglish. It was a relief to be in a country where the entire populace spoke perfect English even though their first language is something else. The Dutch are very warm and welcoming and I was so impressed with that.

  1. Cannals and Alley Ways

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The beauty of Amsterdam cannot be summed up in words. I love the old world feel of the city. The alleys are beautiful and have a certain poise of their own. I loved the countless Canals and during my Canal cruise I got to see it all up close. I was quite intrigued by the Canal Houses and I plan to add living in one temporarily to my bucket list!




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