Travel Bucket List 2016

Let’s face it, one of the most fundamental appeals of living in Europe are the endless travel possibilities. Not only are weekend get-a-ways viable and affordable, but being a student in France affords me with a few breaks to do a little more damage than a weekend binge.

On Thursday I’m headed to Amsterdam for some much needed R&R *wink* and of course you will be served a healthy serving of all of my exploits when I return. But the year is young and so am I; so here are my Top 5 Bucket List Destinations for 2016!

  1. Greece


I’ve been dying to visit the home of the Olympic gods for ages. As a teenager I was obsessed with Greek Mythology, and so the history and ruins are of course paramount to my wanting to visit. I’m an island girl too so perhaps Greek Island hopping will assuage my nostalgia for home. Now that it is super cheap to experience all of the Hellenic offerings I will be sure to make Greece my top priority. I hope to visit Athens, Patmos, Ios, Santorini and Mykonos. May-June seems to be the best time if I want to Island hop. Can’t wait to sample the delights of this Mediterranean gem!

2. Belgium


I figured it would be best to knock this one out for the sole reason that it is so close to France and I can make a quick weekend trip. I’ve also heard awesome things and I love Belgian Beer! Gorging myself on some waffles doesn’t sound like a bad idea and maybe I can run into Stromae while in Brussels.

3. Budapest, Hungry


This one is a MUST on my list. I want to go in August to the Sziget Music Festival. It was voted the Best Music Festival in Europe a few years in a row. Held on the Island of Freedom Sziget is a 7 day nonstop party with people from all around the world. There are big name artist, art installations, circus shows, concerts, parties and so much more! Not to mention Buda and Pest are gorgeous!

4. Prague, Czech Republic


Prague the poor man’s Amsterdam. This one has been a longing of mine for ages as well. Lucky for me now I have two friends living in this dynamic city so having an authentic local experience is definitely in order.

5. Portugal


I’ve recently become friends with a Portuguese guy living here in France and well let’s just say he has convinced me that Portugal has some amazing offerings. Another inexpensive gem with gorgeous views and beautiful beaches. An excellent night life and lots to explore. Definitely making this destination a must see this year.


I want this year to be a never ending adventure. Outside of this list I plan to visit all the little towns in my region, Bretagne. I want to discover more of France. There will be weekend trips to Paris for some major events…which I will be making a list of soon. Life is about exploring and discovering ourselves through uncharted territories. I can’t help it…I have an insatiable need to travel. It’s wanderlust.


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